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Science Week Activities using Technology

Looking for inspiration on activities for Science Week? Conor Maxwell outlines interactive activities to try out during the week. 

Digital Learning: getting your school on board

How do you action an effective digital learning plan that will positively impact teaching, without over-
burdening staff?

How to teach with technology in every subject

Did you know that there are apps already on your iPad that will enable all students to better engage with and develop their literacy skills?

Using iPads to Build Literacy Skills in the Classroom

We have rounded up a full list of tools, chosen by teachers, with exemplars from their classrooms demonstrating how to teach with tech in every subject.

5 Key Steps to Implementing an Effective Digital Learning Strategy

How do you create and implement an effective Digital Strategy that benefits all staff and students in your school? 

The Myths versus The Reality of using Technology for Education

Deputy principal Linda McCusker, dispells the myths and shares her insights and advice for using technology in school.

Tools to Support Students With Dyslexia

Dyslexia does not affect intelligence, it affects a person’s ability to access our classroom content.Teachers outline key tools available on Google and Microsoft learning tools to support your students with dyslexia.

Tools to Differentiate Lessons

Teachers are required to differentiate their all their lessons, Eoghan O'Neill outlines which digital technologies can assist in differentiating lesson content and how it can be a time saver for teachers.

Building Coding Skills Across the Curriculum

Coding in the classroom does not have to be a separate lesson. It can be integrated easily into lessons right across the curriculum, from the early years right through to Leaving Certificate.  

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